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Web Programming How To Tips And Tricks

Tips and Tricks (Books) by Itfunda

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Web Programming How To Tips And Tricks
Summary: This Web Programming How to Tips and Tricks has solutions of real time HTML, CSS, and JavaScript related problems that you face in most of the real time projects. All solutions are written with best practices and comes with complete to-the-point description and source code.


HTML  CSS  JavaScript  Visual-Studio 
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This Web Programming How to has been written by Sheo Narayan of IT Funda Corporation. Sheo Narayan is a well known writer, author and a mentor in the .NET Community. His many of articles have been selected as "Articles of the day" in Microsoft(R) official website www.asp.net. He is a software professional since year 2001 and is also the founder of www.dotnetfunda.com.

This Web Programming How to Tips and Tricks covers Introduction of Browser, HTML, CSS, JavaScript solutions, scroll below for table of contents.

To get other technologies How to Tips and Tricks along with this in a package deal, go to .NET How to Tips and Tricks.

Table of contents

Right from basic to advance and many more how to's are to be added on regular basis. Read the complete list, if certain How to's are not included, request them to be added.

Web Programming Introduction

  1. Introduction of browsers and familiarization of different browsers
  2. How web browser works?
  3. What is a server?
  4. How a web server works?

Brief about HTTP Protocol

  1. Http request structure
  2. Http response structure


Elements of HTML 
  1. A – How to display hyperlink?
  2. B – How to display text in BOLD style? 
  3.  Body – How and where to write content in the HTML file? 
  4.  Br – How to create a line break in html page? 
  5.  Code – How to display computer code in html page? 
  6.  Div – How to display division (section) in the html content?
  7.  Font – How to format text in color, size and font style in HTML? 
  8.  Form – How to display HTML form to submit data to other page?
  9.  Input – How to display Check box, FileUpload control, Image button, password textbox, radiobutton, reset button, submit button, multi-line textbox and button on the html page?
  10.  How to limit the number of characters allowed in the text box?
  11. IFrame – How to display a sub window in the html page? 
  12. H1 to H6- How to display headings in html page? 
  13.  Head – How & where to write title, meta, link and script tags in html page?
  14.  Hr – How to display horizontal line in html page? 
  15.  HTML – What is the use of html tag in html page?
  16.  Img – How to display image or picture in html page?
  17.  Label – how to display a label or associate a control with a label in html page? 
  18.  FieldSet – Legend – How to group or create a block of html controls in html page? 
  19.  OL/UL – LI – How to display ordered and un-ordered list in html page? 
  20.  Link - How to reference external css file in html page? 
  21.  Meta – How & why to write meta tags in html page? 
  22.  P – How to display a paragraph in html page? 
  23. Select - OptGroup – Option – How to display a dropdown list in html page? 
  24.  How to display a list box in html page?
  25.  How to display a list box and enable user to select multiple items from the listbox?
  26.  Pre – How to display pre-formatted content in html page? 
  27.  Script – How to write client side scripting language code in html page?
  28.  Span- How to write inline text with style in html page?
  29.  Style – How to specify CSS style information for an element or write CSS style class in the html page? 
  30.  Sub – How to write subscript text in html page? 
  31.  Sup- How to write superscript text in html page? 
  32.  Table, Tr, Th, Td – How to write data in tabular format in html page?
  33.  TextArea 
  34.  Title 


                                                          Introduction of CSS

                                                            1. How CSS works in HTML? 
                                                            2. How CSS are applied in the web page?

                                                            CSS style can be applied in many ways to the elements using Selectors

                                                            1.  Using the Tag name – How to apply CSS style to a specific type of element in the HTML page? 
                                                            2.  Using the Class attribute of the element –How to apply CSS style using the class attribute of the HTML element? 
                                                            3.  Using the ID attribute of the element – How to write CSS class for an element having a specific ID? 
                                                            4.  How to apply same CSS style for more than one selector?

                                                            Frequently used CSS properties

                                                            For Background
                                                            1. How to change the background color of the element? 
                                                            2.  How to set the background image of the element? 
                                                            3.  How to set the background image position to center?
                                                            4.  How to repeat the background picture horizontally? 
                                                            5.  How to repeat the background picture vertically?

                                                             For Text

                                                            1. How to change the text color?
                                                            2.  How to center align the text? 
                                                            3.  How to remove all formatting of the text? 
                                                            4.  How to transform the text? 
                                                            5.  How to add the text indent ?

                                                            For font

                                                            1.  How to change the font of the text?
                                                            2.  How to change the size of the font? 
                                                            3.  How to format the text in italic style? 
                                                            4.  How to format the text in bold style?

                                                            For Links

                                                            1.  How to change the link color of the page?
                                                            2.  How to change the visited link color of the page? 
                                                            3.  How to change the link color when it is mouse hovered?
                                                            4.  How to change the active link color? 

                                                            For List

                                                            1.  How to change the un-ordered list bullet style?
                                                            2.  How to bring a custom image as bullet in the un-ordered list?

                                                            For Table

                                                            1. How to apply CSS style for the table?

                                                            For Margin & Padding

                                                            1. How to apply margin around a particular element? 
                                                            2.  How to apply top-margin for a particular element? 
                                                            3.  How to apply padding around a particular element?
                                                            4.  How to apply bottom padding for a particular element? 
                                                            5.  How to set the width of the element? 
                                                            6.  How to apply top, right, bottom and left margin in a single statement?

                                                             For Border

                                                            1. How to apply border size, border style and border color in a single statement? 
                                                            2.  How to set the bottom border style?  
                                                            3.  How to set the bottom border color? 
                                                            4.  How to set the bottom border width? 
                                                            5.  How to set the border width?

                                                             For visibility and display

                                                            1.  How to completely hide the element from the html page? 
                                                            2.  How to bring the next element inline? 
                                                            3.  How to display an element as a block? 
                                                            4.  How to hide an element but let it occupy its space? 
                                                            5.  How to show the hidden element?

                                                            For positioning

                                                            1.  How to position the element relative to the first parent element?
                                                            2.  How to position the element relative to the browser window?
                                                            3.  How to float the element to the left? 
                                                            4.  How to align the text to right? 
                                                            5.  How to specify the z-index (How to set the stack order of the elements or How to send the element to the back and front)?


                                                            1.  How to change paragraph’s first character style?
                                                            2.  How to change paragraph’s first line style?


                                                            Introduction of JavaScript

                                                            1. How to write JavaScript statement?
                                                            2.  How to write comment in JavaScript? 
                                                            3.  How to declare a variable in JavaScipt?
                                                            4.  How to show an alert to the user in JavaScript?

                                                            Where and how to keep JavaScript code? 

                                                            1.  Inside HTML Page – How to write JavaScript code in the html page?
                                                            2.  How to prevent JavaScript tag showing up in case a browser doesn’t support JavaScript?
                                                            3.  Where to keep JavaScript code in HTML page? 
                                                            4.  How to create a function in JavaScript? 
                                                            5.  How to write the JavaScript code in external file and use it in the html page?
                                                            6.  What are operators in JavaSript and how to use it?

                                                            Arithmetic operator

                                                            1.  (+ Add ) - How to add numbers in JavaScript?
                                                            2.  (- Subtract) How to subtract a number from another in JavaScript? 
                                                            3.  (* Multiply) How to multiply numbers in JavaScript? 
                                                            4.  (/ Division) How to divide numbers in JavaScript? 
                                                            5.  (% Division remainder) How to get the division remainder in JavaScript?
                                                            6.  (++ Increment) How to easily increment the number by one? 
                                                            7.  (-- Decrement) How to easily decrement the number by one?

                                                            Assignment operator

                                                            1.  ( = Assignment) How to assign value to a particular variable in JavaScript? 
                                                            2.  (+= Add and assign) How to add and assign value in JavaScript? 
                                                            3.  (-= Subtract and assign) How to subtract and assign value in JavaScript? 
                                                            4.  (*= Multiply and assign) How to multiply and assign value in JavaScript? 
                                                            5.  (/= Divide and assign) How to divide and assign value in JavaScript? 
                                                            6.  (%= Divide and get remainder and assign value) How to divide, get remainder and assign value easily? 
                                                            7.  How to create a function that accepts parameter(s) and return a value? 
                                                            8.  How to show a confirmation box in JavaSript? 
                                                            9.  How to show a prompt box in JavaScript?

                                                            Conditional Statements 

                                                            1.  How to write if statement in JavaScript?
                                                            2.  How to write switch statement in JavaScript?


                                                            1.  How to write for loop in JavaScript?
                                                            2.  How to write While loop in JavaScript? 
                                                            3.  How to write Do While loop in JavaScript?

                                                            Break and Continue 

                                                            1.  How to break a loop in JavaScript?
                                                            2.  How to skip the current iteration of the loop and continue with the next iteration in JavaScript? 


                                                            1.  OnFocus - How to execute a JavaScript function on focus of the element? 
                                                            2.  Onblur – How to execute a function when an element loses focus 
                                                            3.  Onchange – How to executes a function when element value changes?
                                                            4.  OnSubmit - How to execute a function when html form is submitted?
                                                            5.  Onload – How to execute a function when html element is loaded successfully OR How to specify the default value of the html element when the page loads?
                                                            6.  Onunload – How to execute a function when element/object is unloaded?
                                                            7.  Onmouseover – How to execute a function when user mouse hover an element? 
                                                            8.  Onmouseout – How to execute a function when user moves the mouse out from the element? 
                                                            9.  Ondblclick – How to execute a function when an element is double clicked? 
                                                            10.  Onkeypress – How to execute a function when key is pressed on the element?
                                                            11.  How to handle error in JavaScript? 
                                                            12.  How to display special characters in JavaScript?

                                                            JavaScript Methods

                                                            1.  How to get the length of the string?
                                                            2.  How to apply Big style to the text in JavaScript?
                                                            3.  How to apply small style to the text in JavaScript?
                                                            4.  How to apply bold style to the text in JavaScript? 
                                                            5.  How to apply italic style to the text in JavaScript?
                                                            6.  How to apply strikethrough style to the text in JavaScript?
                                                            7. How to apply subscript style to the text in JavaScript? 
                                                            8. How to apply superscript style to the text in JavaScript?
                                                            9.  How to convert the text to the lower case? 
                                                            10.  How to convert the text to the upper case? 
                                                            11.  How to replace a character or characters from the string in JavaScript?
                                                            12.  How to get current date and time in the JavaScript? 
                                                            13.  How to declare and use an array in JavaScript?
                                                            14.  How to round a decimal value in JavaScript? 
                                                            15.  How to get random number in JavaScript? 
                                                            16.  How to get max value from the integers? 
                                                            17. How to get the min value from the integers? 
                                                            18.  How to find characters in a given string in JavaScript?
                                                            19.  How to write a timer in JavaScript? 
                                                            20.  How to stop the timers in JavaScript?
                                                            21.  How to open a popup window using JavaScrip?
                                                            22.  How to redirect the user from current page to another page using JavaScript? 
                                                            23.  How to reload/refresh current page in JavaScript?

                                                            Dealing with HTML Controls in JavaScript 

                                                            1.  How to find a HTML element from the html page using on it’s ID?
                                                            2. How to find a HTML element from the html page using it’s name attribute? 
                                                            3.  How to set html element CSS style using JavaScript? 
                                                            4. How to validate a html form in JavaScript?

                                                            Introduction to Visual Studio

                                                            1. How to create and run the first ASP.NET application using Notepad 
                                                            2. Introduction of Visual Studio
                                                            3. Creating new website 
                                                            4. What is solution? 
                                                            5. Adding Projects to the solution 
                                                            6. Understanding different templates available in Visual Studio 
                                                            7. Project template 
                                                            8. Files template

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