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jQuery Online Training

Training by Itfunda

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jQuery Online Training
Summary: This training has been designed for those who has basic knowledge of JavaScript and want to learn jQuery from scratch. After going through this training, you should have intermediate level of jQuery knowledge.


Delivery mode (?): Online Classroom Training , via Microsoft live meeting or WebEx
Duration/Validity: 7-10 Days

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This course has been prepared keeping in mind the real time problem faced by developers while using jQuery in their application, so that you can co-related the taught subject when you actually start working on the live project and do well in your job. 

This course is platform independent so it is beneficial for both candidate having .NET or Java background. However, ajax server response code has been written in basic ASP.NET with C#.

NOTE: This is not recorded training, this is live training where an instructor will train you in real time.

Course Contents

This online course covers following topics of jQuery in details. Each topic is covered by describing its real time use, showing the working code snippet and demonstrating it live.
  1. What is jQuery, Why jQuery, How to use jQuery
  2. What is CDN, Why to use CDN, How to load jQuery if CDN is not available
  3. jQuery Core
  4. Selectors methods - covered more than 10 different ways of selecting the elements
  5. Attributes methods - covered more than 15 most useful attributes methods 
  6. Traversing - covered more than 12 most useful traversing methods
  7. Manipulation - covered more than 10 most useful manipulation methods
  8. Events - covered more than 30 most useful events methods
  9. Effects - covered more than 18 effects methods
  10. Ajax - covered more than 8 ajax methods
  11. jQuery UI - covered frequently used jQuery UI controls
  12. jQuery Validation - frequently used validations

What you will get along with this course

You will get following along with this course
  1. FREE jQuery How to Tips and Tricks
  2. Free demo application with source code covering each topic taught as part of this course
  3. Free 3 months online support
  4. A digital certificate


Candidate should have basic knowledge about HTML and CSS.

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