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Java design pattern videos

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Java design pattern videos
Summary: This Java design pattern video tutorials contains Introduction of Java Desgin pattern, MVC and Hibernate videos tutorials that is shipped directly to your home address.


Java  Java-Design-Pattern 
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Java design patterns video tutorials contains following
  1. Design Pattern videos tutorials
  2. MVC Videos tutorials
  3. Hibernate Videos tutorials
  4. Spring Video tutorials
These videos have been recorded by Mr. Mahesh Iyer and he is working as Java architect.

Scroll down to read detailed topics inside these videos.

1st set of video tutorials contains (Java Design Patterns)

  1. Introduction o design patterns - gives a start up on design patterns, truth and misconceptions about design patterns
  2. General Patterns - Very imp topic discussing interface, abstract classes, immutable objects, data managers which forms the basis of other patterns
  3. Strategy design Pattern - First pattern to start with , which involves understanding the problems with bad use of OO features and brings about renaissance in your thinking towards better design solutions
  4. Observer Pattern - Lets observe how to implement a design in which observers are notified by observed
  5. Decorator Pattern we decorate house during festivals, let' s see how to decorate objects and conclude which one is easy to decorate
  6. Factory Pattern - Lets us see how to generate factories of object , which will give us object of our choice without worrying
  7. Template Pattern - How to implement rules which have to be followed with facility for overriding some of them as per situation
  8. Iterator Pattern - Effective looping over collections
  9. Facade Pattern - How to provide simplified view of complex things
  10. Prototype Pattern - Lets clone objects and see when it helps. 
  11. FlyWeight Pattern - Increase performance by creating less objects which can be shared across
  12. Builder Pattern - Delegating objects sub components creation to other classes
  13. Abstract Factory Pattern - Deals with more than one product
  14. State Pattern - State is collection of variables necessary to define the system at any point of time relative to subject of study. How to implement state in Java
  15. Command Pattern - Lets see how to implements a jinn which will obey all our commands , even though execution is done by some one else
  16. Classification of design Pattern - Lets see which family each design belongs to

2nd set of the video tutorials contains (J2EE)

  1. Model View Control -  Let's see how to improve performance and maintainability by using MVC 
  2. Front controller -  In this let's see how to do forward the request to a front controller who will perform the basic functionalities
  3. Filter-dispatcher/Intercepting Filter - Let's see how to pre and post process request and response using filters 
  4. Composite View - Let's see how to dynamically include pages and combine the sub views to form whole view resulting in ease of management and change
  5. Dispatch View & Service to worker pattern - Let's see how to combine major patterns to form a powerful dispatch view pattern and its application & Let's see how this pattern relates with dispatch view i.e. similarities and differences and its application areas 
  6. View Helper - Let's see how to help a view and makes its life easier with this pattern 
  7. Session Facade - Real time application of facade pattern to EJB to enable easier interface to the client
  8. Transfer Objects - How to reduce network calls and bottle necks with efficient Transfer Object transfer mechanism
  9. Transfer Object Assembler - It shows how to assemble multiple Transfer Objects so that client does not have to directly interact with the model part.

3rd set of the video tutorials contains  (Hibernate)

  1. Hibernate Introduction
  2. Getting Started
  3. Relationship in Hibernate
  4. Collections 
  5. One To Many Unidirectional
  6. Many To One Unidirectional
  7. Many To Many Unidirectional
  8. One To Many Bidirection
  9. Many To Many Bidirectional 
  10. One To One 
  11. One To One Join 
  12. One To One Primary 
  13. Lazy & Eager loading in Hibernate 
  14. Inheritance 
  15. HQL 
  16. Criteria 
  17. Native SQL 
  18. Batch Processing 

4th set of video tutorials - (Spring)

  1. Dependency Injection
  2. Getting started with Spring
  3. Constructor Dependency Injection
  4. Setter Dependency Injection
  5. Bean Life cycle
  6. Inheritance
  7. Autowiring
  8. JDBC support in Spring
  9. Spring MVC
  10. Form Handling
  11. Spring MVC Controller
  12. Spring MVC Handler
  13. Spring View Resolver
  14. Internalization support

5th set of video tutorials - (Webservices)

  1. 1.Introduction to Web service 
  2. 2.Getting started to Web Service using JAX WS
  3. 3.Knowing SOAP and its API support in java
  4. 4.Knowing more SOAP features
  5. 5.Attachments in SOAP
  6. 6.Understanding WSDL
  7. 7.MTOM feature in JAX WS
  8. 8.Approaches in Web service
  9. 9.Exposing Web service using Tomcat
  10. 10.Introduction to Restfull Service
  11. 11.Getting started with Restfull services
  12. 12.REST VS SOAP
  13. 13.Introduction & Annotations to JAX RS
  14. 14.Parameters in JAX RS

6th set of video tutorials - (Struts 2 series)

  1. Getting Started with Struts
  2. Dynamic and Dispatch Action
  3. Action chaining and redirect action
  4. Data Tag
  5. Bean Tags
  6. Control Tags
  7. More Control Tags
  8. UI Tags
  9. Tiles Integration
  10. Session Management and Servlets operations in Struts 2
  11. Interceptors
  12. Validation in struts 2

7th set of video tutorials - (Java Server Faces(JSF))

  1. Introduction to JSF
  2. Button in JSF
  3. CSS and Javascript with JSF 2
  4. FormItem in JSF
  5. Additional FormItem in JSF
  6. Forward and Redirect in JSF
  7. JSF Datatable
  8. Injection in Managed beans of JSF
  9. Links in JSF
  10. Managed beans in JSF
  11. Navigation
  12. Panel Grid
  13. repeat tag in JSF
  14. Number and Date format
  15. Parameters in JSF
  16. Validators in JSF

8th set of video tutorials - (EJB Series)

  1. Explain about EJB?
  2. What are the various types of EJB?
  3. What are the benefits of using EJB?
  4. What are Application Server?
  5. How EJB are deployed with respect to EJB jar or an EAR?
  6. What is Stateful session bean?
  7. What are Entity beans & relation between entity beans and databases?
  8. What do you mean by BMP(Bean Managed Persistance)?
  9. What do you mean by CMP(Container Managed Persistance)?
  10. Explain EJB queries in Java?
  11. What are MDB(Message Driven Beans)?
  12. Explain Life cycle of the Stateless session bean?
  13. Explain Life cycle of Entity bean?
  14. Explain Life cycle of MDB(Message Driven Bean)?

9th set of video tutorials - (Servlets Series)

  1. What are Servlets?
  2. How to get started with Servlets?
  3. How to pass parameters to Servlets?
  4. How can we develop Servlet to send PDF as response?
  5. How to deal with images using Servlet?
  6. Explain cookies with respect to web application?
  7. Explain httpsession with an example?
  8. What is Servlet config & Servlet Context for Java web application?
  9. Explain and give an overview JSP(Java Server Pages)?
  10. How to get started with JSP(Java Server Pages)?
  11. Explain Expressions and Scriplets in JSP's?
  12. Explain Expressions Language in JSP?
  13. What are Include Directive & JSP include?
  14. What are Tag Libraries in JSP?

10th set of video tutorials - (Portlets Series)

  1. Getting Started with JBoss Portal
  2. Types of Portals
  3. Changing Context of Portlets in JBoss Portal
  4. Similarities and Differences between Servlets & Portlets
  5. Understanding XML Descriptors
  6. How to integrate JSP with JBoss Portal?


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  3. http://itfunda.com/java-and-j2ee-design-patternservice-locator/Free/426

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