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Jquery Tutorials - ITFunda.Com

To select an element with a specific class, class selector can be used. We need to prefix the class name with “.” (dot).

Technology covered: jQuery-Selectors 
Type: Tips and Tricks (Books)

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To select all elements of the page, we can use all selectors, for that we need to use * (asterisk symbol).

Technology covered: jQuery-Selectors 
Type: Tips and Tricks (Books)

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To enable user to upload multiple files on the server and restrict selecting specific type of file at the client side itself, we can use this approach.

Technology covered: ASP.NET  FileUpload  jQuery 
Type: Tips and Tricks (Books)

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In this post, we are going to learn how to limit the maximum number of characters allowed in the Multi-line textbox (textarea) through client side (jQuery) as well as through server side (asp.net).

Technology covered: ASP.NET  jQuery 
Type: Tips and Tricks (Books)

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This video explains what is jQuery and how to use jQuery. A very good video to start with. The jQuery ebook covered in this video has more than 101 how to's of jQuery methods and written in easy to understand manner. All how to's are supported by a demo page & source code. This book comes with easy to navigate source code.

Buy this ebook from jQuery How to's

Technology covered: jQuery 
Type: Training

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