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Sandeep Penmetsa, USA writes for ASP.NET online training

Sheo Narayan is an excellent instructor and a friend (he becomes our friend once the training starts). He is interactive and makes learning fun. Apart from that his material - the pdf file is just amazing. Seriously it is awesome. 

It teaches us everything that is needed to develop an ASP.NET application. It is very practical oriented and best part is one doesn't get bored while practicing with it because his examples and solutions are not lengthy at the same time very resourceful and descriptive. It is a must pdf to have while in your job either on your desktop or in your smart phone or you can even take the hard copy and carry it with you all the time in your job. Just carrying the pdf doesn't fetch you the excellent result, an explanation is needed by the instructor at least once in some parts of it. Simply superb pdf Sheo.


Vishal (MS in IT), USA writes for .NET Job support

Getting a software development job in USA is very arduous task for any fresher. Who only knows the basic of the programming language. In the software development, the basic programming knowledge will only help unto somewhat extend to solve the basic levels of software development problems. The actual programming requirement and development standards could be partial or totally different in the job environment. 

After gating a job in the software development, given task need to complete within a time period. In such type of critical situation the fresher could not handle the development job without expert’s guideline.  The person, who having 5-10 year of experience in real software development can solve such types of critical problems and guide you to accomplish the given task with in particular time. Mr Sheo Narayan helped me to solve the organizational level software development problems and made me capable to understand the real world scenarios. Sometimes, he motivated me to face the internal organizational level problems. I Vishal always appreciated for his valuable guideline and help.  

Sailaja Lingolu, Germany writes for Silverlight Training

Hi Team, 
I am very glad for successful completion of Sliverlight training. I am very thankful to Mr Sheo Narayan for giving the valuable training on Sliverlight.
Thank you Support-Team for your services.
Best Regards,

I started to get a much broader understanding of asp.net and till now as mentioned earlier everything so far has been worth every rupee and you really master to convey this tranning in a learning and pratical manner.

Brian Nguyen, Seattle, Washington, USA writes for ASP.NET 4.0 Online Classroom Training - Complete Web Development Training & materials .NET Tips and Tricks that comes along this training

I’m getting much more understanding of ASP.NET 4 on this training, the course is awesome it covers almost all the topics of ASP.NET 4 and Web programming, I’m strongly recommending this course to whoever want to learn ASP.NET. 

The e-books, sample projects and video which cover the subjects very easy to understand.

Mr. Sheo does a great job on explaining of "how it works" that makes it easy to follow and understand.

If you looking to learn ASP.NET 4 and don't know where to start, get this training! Do not look anywhere else…… just GET this training!  I really recommend it!

Brian Nguyen
Seattle, Washington, USA

Ammar Naqi, Noida India writes for ASP.NET 4.0 Online Classroom Training - Complete Web Development Training & materials .NET Tips and Tricks that comes along this training

I would like to thank Mr.Sheo for all his help for his prodigious help in ASP.Net 4.0  Complete. The Book and the training is very helpful along with videos which demonstrate each problem carefully. 

Probably covering each and every important topic that a beginner should know.

It was a great learning experience.

Thank You Support team which responded almost instantly and solved my problems.

Radha Srikanth (MCTS) working in MNC, India writes for .NET Tips and Tricks 

I have gone through the ebook which was provided to me. Technically, you dealt with more real time problems which we generally face all the time.The presentation style is just awesome. I must also say the Font you selected makes it more elegant. From past two days I was just reading and practicing all the examples which were provided in that book. I felt there are many simpler things which we generally over look are taken care in this book. This is most phenomenal aspect I found ...

Shivprasad Koirala, a renowned author, mentor, corporate trainer and Microsoft MVP, India writes for .NET Tips and Tricks 

A must ASP.NET book on every ASP.NET developers desktop

Abhishek Sur, Microsoft MVP, India writes for  .NET Tips and Tricks 

I have been reading a book "ASP.NET How To Tips and Tricks" by Mr. Sheo Narayan for last couple of days and I really believe this book deserves some review. The book starts with the basics of ASP.NET that every developers must know and goes further with JQuery, ADO.NET and other tricks which every developer must know while writing code. 

Basically the Book is all about code. It gives you insight on all the How To's that you would ever search over search engine when writing your code. This book will be your reference to all those tricks that you should remember while writing your code and also gives you advantage over time. Mostly code- oriented book with over 200 short tricks on ASP.NET, C#, JQuery, ADO.NET, Data Validations, Basic Server side controls and many more. Its a must read book for everyone. It will come as handy reference too. 

I am really happy that I have this book with me.

Raghavendra Suryasetty, India
 writes for jQuery How to's ebook + source code + video tutorials

The course is awesome for the beginners. It covers all the topics for a person to have intermediate knowledge on jQuery.. 

Worth taking (buying). 

Expecting similar tutorial on Silverlight.
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