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Sell software products, services, books on ITFunda.com

What are the pre-requisites to become a seller on ITFunda.Com?

Simple, you should have some products / services that can help to the Software professionals or companies, IT students or IT aspirants. You should also be a legal owner of the product(s) or service(s). 

How can I publish my own content for sale?

Read the complete steps to submit your listings here

Benefits of selling on ITFunda.Com

  1. As we are part of www.dotnetfunda.com's parent establishment,  so most of the listings are directly exposed to our www.dotnetfunda.com website. This means more visibility to your products or services and greater exposure to you / your brand. (Ex. see the text ad beside logo and top-half of the home page of  http://www.dotnetfunda.com/)
  2. You do not need to worry about publicity of your products  or services, maintaining your own website to sell, taking care of order processing etc., just concentrate on making your product or services better and delivering it on time. We will take care of the rest of stuffs for you. However if you have a blog, you can publish or write about your products and services being sold on www.itfunda.com.
  3. Get better margin of sale for your product or services.
  4. Free publicity to your brand to our www.dotnetfunda.com website.
  5. Free traffic to your website, if you have.
  6. More direct or indirect benefits, be a seller and feel it.

How to generate more sale for your products or services?

There can be many ways you can promote your product or services, few of them are

  1. Complete your profile with authentic information, fill as much details as you can. This will help a customer to know you better.
  2. Submit sample courses or tutorials as much as you can. This way, a customer will build a good confidence on you that will help them in decision making.
  3. Submit authentic testimonials about your own product or services (do provide original link of the website from where that comment or testimonials have been taken).
  4. Write articles or tutorials about few of the topic your product or services has covered, discuss about your product or services in that article and link them with your product or services on this website.
  5. Spread words about it during your offline or online trainings or courses or tutorials.

Transaction / Order processing

What is the % of margin for sale?

It depends on the product and services; we will try to offer you the best possible margin. To know the exact margin contact us with your products and services details.

How does the order processing work?

Once a buyer has bought your product / services, an automated email is sent to your email id available in your profile. You will need to deliver the necessary product/services details or credential to the buyer. Also, it is mandatory to update the delivery details on ITFunda.Com website. The automated email will depict necessary instructions as to how this can be achieved. We appreciate your commitment on this front.

What information I need to provide in the deliver email?

It depends on the Product/Services ordered
  • For Video Subscription - Provide the url where buyer need to login, username and password  to pass the validation check and watch the video.
  • For Course, Services etc - Provide the venue, date and time details, download details etc. 
We will be happy to provide you with a delivery email template that you may customize to suit your needs. If you need any assistance in sending delivery email, we shall be glad to help you.


How will I receive the payment for the product/services sold?

At the end of the current month (closing day of the month), if your credit amount with us exceeds $50.00, we release the payment to you via PayPal (outside India) or Cheque (within India). 

Can I keep any advertisement along with my product / services post or with my profile?

No, Advertisements, Promotional content are strictly prohibited for publication along with your product/service. We encourage you to publish summary and description of the product/service or associated offers with the same product/service for more hit rates and orders. Your profile should be limited to a brief of your company and achievements exclusively.

Comment / Vote

Will I be able to know who has commented / rated what about me?

Of course, it is available on the website along with each listing. Upon request, we may provide you rating and comment details so that you can use them to improve your product / services.
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